Thanks to the generousity and love of our memebers and friends, Grace offers limited but helpful Benevolence Services to our community.  If you are in need of assistance and it becomes necessary to contact us, please be aware of a couple of things:

First, we NEVER give cash!  We will certainly offer you assistance in the form of gift cards (for food or fuel), or by paying directly to your debtor (utility bills or rent).

We offer our support for a LIMITED TIME.  Depending on our funding and the number of families we support in a given month, we may not be able to assist you for more than a month.  Our assistance is SHORT-TERM and NOT guaranteed!

If we are in a position to assist you more than once, we REQUIRE a marked improvement in your situation.  In other words, we are less willing to assist those who are simply taking advantage of our aid but have no desire to improve their lives, incomes, or debt.

We may ask that you attend church and/or Bible Study with us.  After all, it's not about the money - this life is about faith in God and fervant love toward one another.  

In times of vacancy, our aid may be VERY limited or even unavailable.  Please call the church office.  If our benevolence fund is unavailable, the recording will let you know!

Finally, we will ask you if you need prayer, and we WILL pray for you if asked.  Money can only do so much; it's God who provides for all of our needs.